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There are many different antennas. If you talk to 10 hams about antennas you will get 10 different brands of the best antennas. A lot of hams build their own antennas like N1LO Mark's Antenna Page and Larry W4SAT The Antenna Elmer There are also commercial vendors that sale antennas like Diamond, Arrow and Austin , just to name a few. So you see there are many ways to “Get Out” as they say.                     


Area 2m Repeaters

146.760 MHz - offset Skywarn Repeater
147.105 MHz + offset IRLP Repeater
444.100 MHz + offset Local UHF Machine
Franklin 147.300 +offset tone 131.8 W4LG
Gloucester 145.370 -offset
Newport News 145.230 -offset
Saluda 145.450 -offset (AA4HQ)
Smithfield WT4RA 147.195 +offset 100.0
Richmond 146.880 -offset tone 74.4 W4RAT
Richmond 145.430 -offset (W4SQT)
Virginia Beach 146.970 -offset (WA4KXV)