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Welcome to K4GAM's Page

I have had many pages in the past but I wanted this one to be different. I am taking many web related courses at lynda.com to improve my setting up of web pages so this is just one of many that I am working on. So back to the question of, Why did I wait so long to get my Ham License? Well lots of it was laziness, no time and moving around a lot that I didn’t meet the right people to help me get one. You almost have to be around a Ham to want to get into the hobby. Once you are bitten by the bug then look out there is so much out there to do. I will try to show you in the few pages I have set-up.

On my site you'll find:

  • How I become a Ham
  • Some Lingo
  • Some Pictures of Antennas and how there are made
  • Interesting Web Cams around the Area
  • ... and much more!

So get ready for a good stay... while you're here.

Started Late In Life

Now I wished I had not waited so LONG

At the age of 10 or 11 my cousin Art wanted me to become a Ham. I was not interested in doing this, he did become one his call is W8PBO. I led a very active life up until 1989 when Agent Orange and Muscular Dystrophy hit me hard. I am now wheelchair bound. I still enjoy life and try to stay very active. I stayed active in many organizations for the handicapped. Then the Ham bug hit me. I got my Tech license March of 2005. I joined the Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club and started doing all their special events and got hooked on HF. Two good friends Bill NR4C and Mark N1LO would take me to Yorktown beach and we would set-up different antennas and talk to the world portable. Due to my limited movement and feeling in my hands I knew I could not pass the general test because of the code. Then the FCC dropped the CODE. One month later I passed my General license and now I am a HF HAM. I now pass my days talking HF using a TS-590 in the house. I want to thank Dave W9NNK (SK), John K6OWD for making and putting up my antenna a Zepp at my condo. The antenna came down and several guys from the Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club came over and got it back up and I am back on the air. (August 2017). I QSL 100% and I call myself "The Wheelchair Mobile". I Heard about this group of Hams called the "Green Frogs" they meet on 3947 every morning at 0500 until 0800. So I joined then BOY what a time I have been having.

Web Cams In Our Area